Bartkira – Akira meets The Simpsons




What started off as a few simple drawings by artist Ryan Humphrey has now developed into something that is pretty special. BARTKIRA is an amalgamation of the popular anime film AKIRA with the characters of The Simpsons. Seeing potential in the idea Humphrey teamed up with James Harvey (BARTKIRA Editor/Project Manager) to build a community that has so far recreated pages from the manga the original AKIRA film is based on, as well as collaborating on a fantastic mashup trailer above.

The recreated pages of the AKIRA/SIMPSONS mashup can be viewed on the BARTKIRA site and above is a taste of some of the awesome covers and pages the community have provided. Artists can also submit pages to the volumes of the BARTKIRA manga that have not been created yet by following the guidelines here. There is also a travelling art show and you can purchase a BARTKIRA exhibition book here at Floating World Comics. The project itself is non-profit and any proceeds from the book, shirts etc are passed on to a charity.

For more info check out the BARTKIRA site here and for guidelines to submit see this link.

Follow along on the BARTKIRA Twitter page.

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Beat Breakdown – The magic behind classic rap tracks [ YouTube Series ]

Beat Breakdown


Round of applause to YouTube user Sandurz (aka Andrew Atwood) and his brilliant video series Beat Breakdown. Atwood meticulously pulls apart some classic hip hop tracks and presents them in a way that is very approachable and easy to understand in a production sense. Isolating and identifying the samples and instruments that are used to build popular tracks by artists like Kanye West, Drake, UGK plus many more.

I have embedded a few of his Beat Breakdown videos above but there are plenty more to check out on his YouTube channel Sandurz. Atwood has also taken it a step further by providing the project files that are featured in his videos on his site Beat Breakdown. The files are provided in Maschine, FL Studio and Ableton formats for $2.99 a month.

Beat Breakdown also has a livestream component on Twitch where you can catch him recreating the tracks live or doing a critique of beats producers send in to him.

Seriously, hats off to Atwood for the effort he puts into his videos. Top stuff and a great resource for understanding how rap tracks are put together.

Beat Breakdown Twitter / YouTube

Source: AV Club

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TWA Flight Center – Photographed by Max Touhey







Hyperlapse of TWA Terminal from Curbed on Vimeo.

Just over 50 years has passed since Eero Saarinen’s mid-century wonder, the TWA Flight Center was opened to the public. The bold curves and exquisitely fluid layout are still a marvel to behold. Closed off to the public since 2001, photographer Max Touhey was lucky enough to be given access to the site. He was able to capture the landmark in its current state before the plans for it to become a boutique hotel commence. While some might see this plan for transformation as a negative move, I look forward to being able to experience Saarinen’s work in person next time I’m over in New York.

Venture over to the Curbed NY article to see plenty more of Max Touhey’s TWA Flight Center images on display.

Source: Curbed NY

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